Spring Break Blizzard

By Lori Sheroan

149 Words
















One Appalachian April,

five cousins spent Spring Break

at Granny’s and Papaw’s.

They brought bicycles, Wiffle Bats, and fishing poles.

One cousin wore sandals;

but the clouds were steel wool scrubbing the hilltops.

Papaw rolled the bikes into the tool shed.

Flakes fell all night.

While the mountains slept under a blanket of snow,

the cousins slept under a mountain of blankets.

Next morning, drifts rose taller than Granny’s yardstick.

Papaw set up the card table.

They played Rook and Spades and dominoes.

Granny moved her sewing machine

to make room for a thousand-piece puzzle.

She popped corn on the stovetop

and made soup and cornbread.

At week’s end,

the sun was pale as honey butter.

Snowmelt streamed like tears down the cliff face.

Before the last cousin headed home, she hugged Granny and Papaw.

“Some times don’t turn out as planned,” she said.

“They turn out even better.”


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